Regarding Design of the Cht app

In which file the design of the web app is stored ? We could not find the file to change the style in login page of the app.


@sue @Jane_Katanu related to this post 'How can we improve/enhance CHT design to respond to unique users? @Nicole_Orlowski @michael nice question from @Sandip_Parajuli


Hi @Sandip_Parajuli , CHT allows certain brandings like changing favicon, logo, title without needing to modify the source code. You can do so by creating branding.json file in your app folder and then defining your icon, logo, title.

Here is the documentation on how to do so. Please remember to upload your branding using cht --local upload-branding if your are testing it locally, or passing URL detail in place of --local.

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Yes we could do it but how do we change the width: 14.2em;
height: 3.8em; that’s been set in the app. and also the background color of the login page.

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I’d like to know this also. Is there a way to change the styling on the elements of pages in the app?

Hi @Sandip_Parajuli , @BrianGacheru ,

This is not supported directly like other brandings. But if you are deploying from source code / docker and want to play around with source code and are interested to explore on your own, please use this css to make your desired changes and see if it works for you. And this is the login page template.

Please remember that, this is not the recommended, and your changes may be overwritten if you upgrade your instance. Alternatively, you can create a feature request on cht-core here for the options you want to be configurable.