Phone number input throws an error

Upgraded the instance to version 3.13, and using cht-conf v3.8.0, when i push the clinic create form to the new upgraded instance, and i input a phone number in the phone number field, it returns this error below

Note: I can confirm these phone numbers are not in use.

Was the phonenumber validation working before you upgraded?

cht-core 3.13 uses google-libphonenumber version 3.2.22. I’ve set up a simple repro script locally and confirm that this version does validate the phone numbers shown.

Is there a chance you have custom validation on the form fields and not relying on cht-core’s phone number validation?

@derick The phone number works in v3.6 instances.

Also, yes there is custom validation on the form fields that is input to be in the format of 07XX XXX XXX or 01XX XXX XXX.

Do you have an error logged in your console?

@derick No.
Just this

Could you please share a screenshot of form’s survey tab? It would be interesting to get a bit more detail on how you’ve constructed your form. Better yet, are you able to link the form online?

Sharing an xls form is not supported on this platform.

Hope this helps.

Hello @Jeanfaith234 the error message you are experiencing is the constraint_message in your form, which means your input fails the constraint. I have tested the same constraint on a similar environment and confirm that the phone numbers are correctly validated. If you are testing with an offline user, check that you have synced to get the latest form changes. Meanwhile, please share a link to the form that we may access it for a closer look.

@kitsao That is the link to the file, also, this similar form with the constraints allows the phone input on cht-core 3.6, its cht-core 3.13 that is failing.

Thank you @Jeanfaith234. Unfortunately, I cannot access it because it is in a private repo.

@kitsao Hope this works.

Yes it does @Jeanfaith234. I just tested it and works perfectly with CHT version 3.13.0 and cht-conf version 3.8.0. However, looking at the screenshots you shared, the note to verify that the phone numbers are accurate is different with a +254 prefix. Check that you are using or have shared the correct form.

@kitsao This is the form am using clinic-create.xlsx - Google Sheets and still failing to input the phone number, not sure if it has to do with the configurations update.

Hello @Jeanfaith234 I successfully passed the constraint still. I do not think it is a configurations update issue, but will not rule it out. I also tested the form with both online and offline users and worked as expected. Did you make any further progress?

No progress yet.

Hi @Jeanfaith234

Did you get a solution to your challenge?