Options in CHT for Digital Signatures

Hello! My scenario is that a user is completing a performance evaluation which determines whether they qualify for a monthly stipend payment. There is a legal requirement for them to sign the self-assessment.

I’m wondering what options are available in CHT to capture digital signatures from users.


Hey @kenn - your timing is good! Back in Sep of 2022 another thread was started here on the forums about this exact same feature request.

Fast forward to today and we have a ticket actively looking at how we might add more Enketo widgets, specifically including the drawing widget which could be used for signatures.

I encourage you to review the forum thread and ticket to ensure you requirements will be met. Further, please add any other requirements or use cases of yours that might be missing from that thread.

Finally, if your use case is met by neither the thread or ticket, pleas let us know how it’s different and what you see might be some viable solutions might be.

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I think it’s worth adding the drawing widget because it’s quite low effort and has a range of applications.

At the same time it would also be worth exploring the legal definition of a signature here. In some jurisdictions an authenticated user checking a checkbox is considered legally binding. It might also be possible to generate a signature the way Docusign does and therefore not require the user to draw on the screen. This would give you some options to explore more user friendly alternatives for this implementation.

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