Signature / Drawing widget

We tried to integrate ODK’s Signature widget into CHT.

But it doesn’t seem to be working. Instead of signing one has the possibility to upload a file. Is there an alternative? Is this signature widget not yet supported by CHT or are we doing something wrong?

Hi, I checked with @jkuester who had been working on the upcoming Enketo upgrade, and the CHT could support that widget but doesn’t currently. Since we hadn’t had any requests for the signature widget, to optimize the app bundle size we omitted the drawing functionality it needed.

That said, it’s now clearly useful for you, so I’ve moved this conversation to the Product > Feature Requests category, and we can move forward from here. In the meantime, it would help to hear more about where and how you would use this feature. Could you describe the users and workflows in this thread?


@marc Thanks for the reply! We need to obtain the participants’ permission before they fill out a form. By doing so, the paticipants confirm their agreement to participate in a study by signing the form.