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Is it possible to change the name of the new action button below dynamically for example when you click on the people tab the new action button has the a different name ie Resources and when you click on a particular patient in switches to the default New action ? Or it requires a change in the core code base of CHT ?
Screenshot from 2022-08-08 10-00-41

Short answer is no. I do not think it is currently possible to dynamically change the label on that button. (Should, of course, be able to supply a custom translation to statically set the label, but it will not dynamically change based on context.)

I do have a couple of other thoughts. First, it is worth noting that there are some proposed UI changes that I believe would impact that button specifically (changing it to just a :heavy_plus_sign: button following the standard material design). I am not sure how that might look different on a desktop browser, though.

Also, the idea of adding custom actions to the action bar is the kind of thing that would be really interesting to propose as a use-case for a plugin/add-on!


thanks @jkuester for the detailed response

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