Negative years and months for age when creating contacts and/or users

When creating contacts, the year picker goes below 0 and a validation message is shown to the user indicating that age must be between 0 and 130, and months must be between 0 and 11, why not just restrict the form not to allow the counter to go below zero. Also, the message for months has a small grammatical error, shows: “Months must between 0 and 11” instead of “Months must be between 0 and 11”

Hi @sookwalinga

Contact forms are configurable and validation messages can be changed, according to your preference.
Can you please share which configuration you are using and reporting this issue against?

Thank you!

Thanks @diana, this was from the admin console using the default contact forms.

Thanks for the note about the typo! I can see it in the default config’s person creation form.

If you find typos/bugs feel free to create issues in GitHub, with corresponding PRs if you see fit!

Alright, well noted, thanks @marc