Missing swahili translation in the XLS form

I am running version 4.2.0 and I see that the English test appears as seen below:

This is the swahili equivalent that was supposed to appear but did not:

span style="color:#f58a1f;font-weight:bold">Maelekezo kwa CHV:</span>
<span style="color:#f58a1f">1. Sikiliza hisia za mlezi na msaidie mlezi kutambua mtu ambae anaweza kumwambia hisia zake na kumsaidia kuhusu mtoto wake. 2. Muhimize mlezi na wana familia wengine kusaidiana katika kucheza na kuwasiliana na mtoto. 3. Tengeneza kujiamini kwao kwa kuonesha uwezo wao wa kufanya shughuli rahisi. </span>

But the equivalent swahili text does not appear:

I also tried to add a random english text in the swahili column but the text still did not appear. Please see the attached screenshot

Hey @iesmail .

Could you share the quoted XLS form. You can upload to a Google sheet and share the link here.

You can upload and share just the problem section.

It would really help with debugging.

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@wambua, here it is.

Line 467.

I tried a couple of things to test:

  1. Copied the english text and pasted in the swahili column and the text did not appear.
  2. Removed the relevancy condition on line 467 assuming it might be the cause, but that was not the case.
  3. Changed the note label to something else, but it did not resolve the issue.
  4. Tried to copy the entire row and pasted it somewhere else in the file and to my surprise, the swahili text appeared.

So I am not sure what’s happening at line 467.

@iesmail the issue appears to be having a space between the period and the first character of the sentence in the numbered list. i.e
2. Encourage the caregiver....

Replacing the space after the number and period with the non-breaking space html character entity(&nbsp;) resolves this.

<span style="color:#f58a1f">1.&nbsp;Listen to the caregivers feeling and help them identify a key person who can share their feelings and help them with their child.
2.&nbsp;Encourage the caregiver and other family members to support each other in playing and communicating with the child
3.&nbsp;Build their confidence by demonstrating their ability to carry out a simple activity. </span>

Adding a space in the English translation makes the conversion of the XLS and display show up as an ordered list which is somehow causing the Swahili translation display issue you are experiencing: I am yet to figure out why. Probably an enketo bug. If I do figure it out, I will get back to you here.

Let me know if this works for you.


@wambua, I tested this solution and it seems to work. Thanks!

It is definitely going to be a big task to implement this workaround in all the other forms that we are using. I hope you find a solution that takes care of this workaround.