Maker checker workflows

Am David from PoshIT Limited
Is it possible to have a maker checker processes whereby we can set approving roles to some of the processes performed within the system before they are confirmed as done.
Approvals can be based on hierarchy with either approve or reject option.
If one role rejects the process should fail - We can add a text-area to add the reason for this.
If they all approves the process is executed.

Hi @David_Kiragu, can you please help clarify what you mean by the maker checker workflows. Please feel free to also share an example. Thanks.


A good example is illustrated on this image

With this approach we can validate some of the actions initiated by different roles before confirming them as done

Hi @David_Kiragu … it’s pretty common to have a workflow whereby a CHW (the “maker”) reports something like a death report and their supervisor (“checker”) receives a task to verify this action. There are a couple of examples over here .


Thank you @michael
Will have a look on them

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