Does your project have supervisor "review" workflows?

Some projects have workflows whereby a supervisor needs to review reports submitted by other healthworkers. The CHT often supports these workflows either through supervisor tasks or by keeping track directly in the reports list using the “Review” feature. There’s even a way for offline supervisors to replicate specific reports that would normally not be accessible based on their replication depth (by utilizing the needs_signoff feature).

Does your project use “review” workflows whereby a supervisor reviews reports submitted by other healthworks? If so, can you share a brief summary of how you are achieving these workflows? Are you using any of the features mentioned above?

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@michael true…Just to mention some of these supervisor review workflows through supervisor tasks include confirming reported deaths; approving muted individuals/HH; and verification of reported community events based surveillance signals.
In addition, depending on the supervisors’ hierarchy and access rights, there is an option to delete or edit reports in the app.