Maintain contact_type Hierarchy on chw/chw-supervisor_online accounts

Hello Team,
As you’re well aware CHW accounts are purely offline accounts, therefore I would like to have a chw_online profile which will have access to the Logout function.
I have been able to configure this role, set the permissions and indeed users can see the logout function. However I noticed something unusual in the People tab, online users were able to see all the districts, health_centres and clinics. How can I make chw and chw_online have the same view in the people tab.
I am happy to share screenshots if need be.

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Hi @Job_Isabai

This is intended behavior for online users, currently they cannot be restricted to only see parts of he hierarchy.

Showing the logout button or not is a permission (can_log_out_on_android) that you can turn on for specific roles. You could create another role that enables this permission and assign this role to the chw that should be able to log out, while also keeping the offline chw role.

Does this suit your needs?

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Hello Diana,
Yes it does, I have created another role similar to chw only that its an offline role but can logout.
Thank you very much,


@Job_Isabai We’d love to learn more about the online users you mentioned. Would you mind sharing some details on this post → Do you have online-only users? How are they using the CHT?