Is there a way to customize details of the created "other" text field when using the "or_other" question type on a single select

In our case the system created single-select “other” text field needs to be set as required and constrained to string-length(.) <= 50.

Is there a way of enforcing these requirements on the “other” field via the single-select perhaps?

Defining a field that matches the generated field name (single_select_name_other), it yields the following error:
“There are two survey elements named ‘dwelling_type_other’ in the section named ‘PLACE_TYPE’.”

The only way I can think of to get around this issue is to remove the or_other suffix from the single-select question type, add a “other” value as a selection in our choices sheet en manually handle the “other” text field.
Is there perhaps another approach one can take?

Hi @robinmurphy ,

It seems the approach you are taking is the recommended practice as I was looking into ODK documentation

We do not recommend using or_other because it does not support multiple languages or choice_filter . Instead, add your own “other” question and use form logic to have it appear as needed.