Introducing the CHT logo!

Hi all!

The Core Framework has been around over a decade now, and the Community Health Toolkit nearly five years already, yet we haven’t had a distinct logo to represent the toolkit or our community visually… until now!

Introducing the Community Health Toolkit logo:

The new continuous support logo represents some deeply held values for those of us working with and on the CHT: continuity of care and support which the Community Health Toolkit enables, seen with the infinity symbol as the core of the logo, and humanity and connectedness with the representation of two people in conversation and linked together. The logo also hints at openness in the design, while also alluding to CHT’s messaging core with the subtle chat bubbles, all while being a striking mark for the CHT.

Thank you to our external designers and to all those who contributed to the design and provided feedback in the process. Those of you at the Global Digital Health Forum next week will see the CHT logo in some materials there, and we will develop a more complete branding guide for the CHT in 2023 – stay tuned!

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new logo for our community!