December 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you everyone who joined the December 2022 CHT Round-up call. Here is the link to access the Round-up call recording and below are summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1 - Community story presentation by the CMMB Kenya program team on deploying CMMB MHealth app in Kitui South sub county.

Agenda 2 - CHT Product management updates
a) Changes on the sync option.
CHT users usually sync regularly or periodically when they have access to data connection, on the other hand for some projects logging out of the app is usually done and it can be quite disruptive if users do not remember the passwords. It is possible to configure on CHT so that users do not have access to the log out option. During some of the visits in the field by the Care team, the Care team have observed that users occasionally accidentally log out of the CHT apps when they try to sync data because the (sync and log out options) are right next to each other. With the new update, the sync option has been moved to be further away from the log out option to make sure that users do not accidently click on the log out option when they want to sync data, this update is scheduled to be available on CHT v4.0 versions.

b) CHT Docker Helper updates
More additions have been made to CHT Docker Helper for v4.0, the new changes include users having access to the instructions on how they can manage the instances so that they do not have to keep on jumping to the documentation. Also with the new changes, when setting up the second instance the updated script also checks for ports that are available and only selects ports that are not in use. It is also possible to install a valid TLS certificate to enable one to load and test the app on android phones.

c) Enketo 3.17 Feature Release
The Enketo v3.17 Feature Release has been released which will allow users to run the Enketo uplifted version of 3.17 in a 3x environment. Please read the documentation on preparing to upgrade to v4.0 to learn about how you can test this feature release.

Agenda 3 - CHT core product features, releases and improvements.
a) CHT v4.0.1 release
CHT v4.0.1 was released on December 1, 2022. This release has fixes for the following 3 bugs:

Please read the CHT v4.0.1 release notes for full details about the release

b) Enketo form configuration enhancements available on CHT v4.0
With CHT v4.x some new form Enketo form configurations have been introduced, this includes the ability to support Likert style and range selection widgets. The range selection widget is configurable to allow one to select maximum and minimum values and this provides the user with a visual picture of the visually enforceable constraints. A new set of appearance styles is now supported especially for selector widgets, this allows a user to select the number of columns that can appear on one line, ensuring that even for questions that have fewer numbers of columns than the noted number of columns per line. This allows variable selection of columns with consistent spacing and interface. Another addition to the form configuration is that the image style button is now supported, previously images always came with radio buttons having images on the select.

The new Enketo uplift updates support markdown formatting for both group labels and ordinary questions unlike the previous Enketo versions that only allowed markdown formatting in the notes.

Various enhancements have also been added to repeat groups. For example, depending on the input one provides for a specific question, the form may take the user back to the set of repeat questions. With the repeat group enhancements, it is now possible to display outputs from repeat entries. There is no pre-set limit to the number of repeat entries that are allowed. Unlike the previous version where the repeat questions would appear on the same page regardless of the number, the new Enketo version has repeat functionality that allows the user to repeat across multiple pages while still being able to use dynamic logic to tailor the length of the form on a single page.

This demo form highlights some of the form configuration updates that are now available with the uplifted Enketo.

Agenda 4 - CHT community updates.
a) Logo for the CHT
We now have a logo for the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), the new CHT logo represents deeply held values by the CHT community. The infinity symbol on the logo represents continuity of care and support which CHT enables, the two people in conversation linked together represent humanity and connectedness. To learn more about the logo, read the CHT logo post on the forum. Please feel free to share your feedback and input about the logo on the forum post.

Let me finish with a big THANK YOU for your participation in all our Round-up calls this year, we look forward to the continued collaboration with you next year. We wish you happy holidays and prosperous 2023.

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