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Implementation ideas for accessing user credentials in CHT

We have a situation whereby we are getting numerous requests for sharing CHV username and password largely due to the fact that the CHV mistakenly uninstall their apps. Therefore, we are trying to find an automated mechanism to share credentials with CHVs.

Can this be supported in CHT or are there any other tools/solutions?


Thanks for your message, @iesmail. Members of the Product Team at Medic are likely well positioned to speak to this question. I’m looping in @marc and @michael for any answers or resources on this. Thanks for posting!

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Hi @iesmail! Indeed, the Product Team did discuss your forum post and we think that our “Magic Links” feature could help out your situation. This allows you to send SMS messages that, when clicked, magically login CHV’s to their instance of the Android app. This feature was added in version 3.10.0.

Given you have existing users, please refer to our API documentation for more information on leveraging token_login.

Please let us know if you have more questions on this!

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HI @mrjones, thanks for the response. Since we do not want to give admin access to our supervisors, I was wondering if this functionality is accessible at a supervisory level ( equivalent of district hospital in CHT) ?

@iesmail - currently there’s no way to let supervisors who don’t have admin access to use this feature. If it’s important enough, you could create an external app outside the CHT for superviser to use which would call the CHT API on their behalf to create and send magic link to the affected CHVs.

Sorry we don’t have something that fits your current needs : (

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