How to load data from an already submitted app form into a form choosen with the Submit report button


we are familiar with the task logic in CHT and are able to load data from one form into the next with modifyContent.

What we have not found out yet is how to load data from an already submitted report (submitted app form) into a app form called with the “submit report” button.
We want to be able to call a form over the “submit report” button everywhere in the task flow, and have the data from the last submitted report available in that form.
Is this possible?

Thanks for your help!

The short answer is no this is not currently possible. Besides the task logic you mentioned, the other typical method of injecting data into app forms is via the contact-summary context. Unfortunately, when creating reports from the “submit report” button on the Reports page, there is no contact in context and so no data can be loaded from the contact-summary.

There is an ongoing conversation regarding being able to trigger a follow-up form once one form has been submitted. If that is a feature that you think might be able to address your challenges here, please feel free to respond to that thread with some details of your use-case! We are still trying to understand the most effective way to proceed here and more data about the challenges being faced is extremely helpful when designing and prioritizing!