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How to fetch the filtered data from modifyContent(tasks) to form?

Hi All,

In tasks-modifyContent i tried to filter all the reports of a contact and extract the value i needed but unable to fetch that value from modifyContent to the form.

Here is how i fetched the value i needed from all the reports of a contact.

I added district_uuid in inputs group and added a calculate field but it didn’t worked. Can someone please help.

Thanks in advance.

You’re passing a string to content.district_uuid. Try content.district_uuid = dist_uid

Hi @kitsao , I even used the change you mentioned but didn’t work so i just harded the value to check whether the issue is with filter.

Can you share the code you have in your form? The input field + the calculate field?

Hi @kenn, Now the issue is resolved when a additional doc is created while submitting the form. As we are passing the values from lower level to higher levels additional docs need to be created.

Thanks for reaching out