Having a link to the client profile page on the message tab

Your Organization: Medic + ITECH

Organization Type: [ITECH 2wT Malawi]

What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature:

Describe the Feature: As a [2wT officer] is it possible if the 2wT officer is on the messaging tab within the clients messaging thread, he/she can click the name of the client and direct him to the client profile

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address: It addresses the inconvenience and time taken to search or scroll through the profile tab to find a particular client when navigating from the same client’s message thread, to respond to a particular request expressed in the message thread.

Proposed Solution: Having a link that would take the user directly from a client’s message thread to the respective client’s profile

Do you have funding to cover external developers? No

Do You Have Resources (Designers, Developers, PMs) Available: No

Links To Supporting Information / Uploads: [feature specs or designs, examples of similar features etc]

Hi @Edwin_Kagereki (and @Evelyn_Waweru) … just to confirm, these are two different requests, right? Is one more impactful than the other?

You want:

  1. Link from the Messages Tab to the Contacts Tab; AND
  2. Link from the Contacts Tab to the Messages Tab

For #1, I think you can achieve what you want using the solution I suggested.

For #2, I think what you want is the same as how it works on the Reports tab, where the name links to the Contacts tab, correct?

Hi @michael

these are two different requests, right? yes though related.

Is one more impactful than the other? both have equal impact

I want link from the Messages tab to the Contacts tab

Thanks. I’ve created Link to Contact's Profile from Messages tab · Issue #8660 · medic/cht-core · GitHub to track this. Please have a look and add any additional context.

@Edwin_Kagereki just FYI this issue has been merged and will be included in 4.6.0