Having a link to the message tab on the client profile page

Organization: Medic + Aurum Institute + University of Washington

Ministry of Health - Direct to client communication to improve post-operative care for men undergoing voluntary male circumcision (VMMC)

What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature: organisations/ applications with a messaging function

Describe the Feature: As a [CHV/Nurse/texting hub] is it possible to have a link to the message tab on the client’s profile page so that it is easier to navigate to a particular client’s message without having to scroll or search messages on the message tab side bar?

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address: [this addresses the inconvenience and time taken to search or scroll through the message tab to find a particular client’s message thread to view or respond to their messages which are currently arranged in order of the last message delivered; or using the send message option on the floating button to ensure that the particular clients message thread comes to the top]

Proposed Solution: [Having a link that would take the user directly to the client’s message thread on the message tab]

Do you have funding to cover external developers? No

Do You Have Resources (Designers, Developers, PMs) Available: No

Links To Supporting Information / Uploads: [feature specs or designs, examples of similar features etc]

Hi @Evelyn_Waweru … I think this should be possible today, but you’ll want to check with an app developer.

Messages Tab

The URL on the messages tab just looks something like this…


Where the UUID after contact: is the “client” whose profile you want to have a link from.

Contacts Tab

The URL on the contacts tab, when viewing a specific Contact’s profile, looks like this…


So from the Contact’s tab, I think you can probably add a field to your Contact Summary that takes the UUID of the Contact you are viewing, append it to the base link for the Messages tab (https://instance-name.org/#/messages/contact:<uuid>) and create a hyperlink to the Messages tab.

Have you tried something like this already?

Thank you Michael, Femi is trying out these options.

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Hi @Evelyn_Waweru / @Femi , any success here?

Hi @michael , I have not found a way to make links in the condition cards clickable. If this works, it will only solve a one-way trip from contact profile to messages; we still need to solve for messages to contact profile.

Thanks @Femi , I was thinking you’d do it from Contact Summary, not Condition Cards (though I’m not sure the difference matters). What was the problem you ran into?

Also, Link to Contact's Profile from Messages tab · Issue #8660 · medic/cht-core · GitHub will address messages → contact and is something we will be working on next.

Yes @michael, there are no differences; we will just pass arrays of label/value objects that CHT then figure out how to render internally. We can tell CHT how to format the values, lineage, date, age…etc, but the logic to render a string or HTML is not exposed, so the link will end up as a string, not clickable.

Gotcha, thanks @Femi . @Jennifer_Quesada any interesting workarounds you can think of to get a hyperlink on the Contact Summary? Would adding a pipe do the trick (and be easy)?

@michael, this will require coding on our behalf to add a pipe that will create a link to the contact’s messages.

OK… thanks @Jennifer_Quesada . I can’t really think of many other use cases for this since most users will be offline (so the link would really only link to somewhere else in the app), though perhaps others have some creative ideas?

We already have sections on the contact’s profile for “Reports” and “Tasks”. One option would be to include a “Messages” section as well, which would be consistent with how we link to Reports/Tasks. If viewing the household level… you might see multiple rows in that section (one per household member), but when viewing a specific contact, there would only ever been 1 or 0 rows (just like the messages tab, you only see one row per contact). If you were to tap on that row, it’d just take you to the Messages tab and select that specific row. @Nicole_Orlowski … what do you think?