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Error on Sync Issue in Android Application

@ojwangantony - While you won’t need a Pi-hole per se, yes, you will need a DNS server given you’re trying to deploy in an entirely offline environment and you need to match a domain name to the name (CN) on the TLS certficiate. A Pi-hole is one way to solve this. See our offline documentation and my prototyping posts for more information.

We are currently doing further internal tests of the offline prototype with a planned facility site setup of the same on 26th Oct. We shall give feedback.

@andrineM - great, please keep us posted! We’re happy to help however we can.

I am happy to report that our team deployed the solution in one of our supported health facilities and it worked well. The facility is now able to use the android app as well as the browser.

We will continue monitoring the facility for at least a week before we can recommend scale up to other sites. Kindly allow us to provide more feedback next week and as appropriate

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Thanks @ojwangantony for the updates.

@andrineM - That’s really great news! Thanks so much for coming back and giving us all an update here on the forums.

If you have learned any lessons or disovered new best practices that would be helpful for others to know, I would be grateful if you could report them back here. Thank you!