Error loading form/contacts

I am getting this error on my test server.
Issue is also related to logged in users is not able to access the forms.

When loading the form the user gets this error:

Contacts are not loaded and the forms are not accessible.

Hi @Job_Isabai

I believe this is expected, it’s required for your user to have a contact associated with them. Can you please review your user and check they have both a contact and a place?

Hi Diana,
Yes, these users have contacts associated to them.
All user accounts were working correctly on CHT 3.15, the error started showing up after upgrade to CHT 4.3.1

Hi @Job_Isabai

In CHT 4.3.0 we added support for controlling which forms users are allowed to see by using form permissions and expressions. Prevent users from opening and filling forms they're not authorized to see/fill · Issue #6505 · medic/cht-core · GitHub
Can you please check both for your forms?

Yes, my permissions are in order.
Apart from accessing the forms, the user is not able to load other contacts within he same clinic. See the below screenshot.

A solution to this has been: shifting the permissions from chw to chw_sup and back then sync the devices until after all config/records are replicated.

hi @Job_Isabai

the user is not able to load other contacts within he same clinic

This is likely another issue, and possibly related to your configuration. Without more information, I’m unsure what to suggest.