Draft reports for VHTs to complete later

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Over the years, we have heard users requesting that CHT should have a feature that allows the CHV to partially complete a report, save it as a draft and later come back to complete. This is mostly the case when a CHV does not have/get full information during a HH visit, especially when conducting follow-up via phone.

Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this cc. @Jenny @were @kunwarl @raymond @aziz_kane @loukman


I have heard the same ask from users mostly due to two scenarios:

  1. The CHW is in the middle of an assessment and the person needs immediate referral. This CHW would like to save the draft report and accompany the person to the health facility immediately.
  2. The CHW is in the middle of a HH visit and the phone is almost out of charge. The CHW will continue with the visit and document in a piece of paper .This CHW would like to save the draft and update the information when their phone is charged.

This feature will improve the user experience of CHT users.


Thanks for sharing @sue and @Jenny - What i have seen requested is for CHWs to have the ability to edit forms in case of an erroneous entry. After a Week post a HH registration for example, they were unable to make edits to forms. Not sure if this has been resolved

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Yes @raymond we had a work around proposed to navigate the technical challenge that was preventing them. However, this is still an open discussion and the work around hasnt been pushed yet.

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