Display a link to third party website in a form

I would like to display a clickable link to a third party website. I have implemented as below but the URL appears as a text instead of a link. I have followed this example.

type = text , appearance = url , default = https://www.d-tree.org

Hi @iesmail
I am not quite sure why it is not working. May be you could try using hyperlink? (XLSForm documentation)
type = note
label = This label [contains a link](https://www.d-tree.org )

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+1 to what @niraj said! Markdown-style links in a note field is the best way to display a clickable link on current versions of the CHT.

That being said, the upcoming CHT 4.0.0 will also add support for the url-widget described in the above linked ODK documentation.