Dec 2021 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for your time, thoughtful questions and feedback at our first CHT Roundup call. Here is the link to the zoom recording for the call and brief notes from the call.

2nd Dec 2021 CHT roundup call notes


  1. Introduction to CHT community call.
  2. An overview of the recent product releases and testimonials
  3. Updating the community on upcoming CHT product initiatives.
  4. Q & A, feedback session.

1. Introduction to CHT community call.

  • This is a monthly call to engage the CHT community aimed at sharing updates with the community and getting valuable feedback from community members.
  • Medic values openness and they would like to be transparent with the community on the CHT product development process and the improvements/initiatives the team is working on.

2. A highlight of a few features and improvements on CHT core 3.12 and 3.13, more details are available in the release notes

  • On device muting - muting and unmuting are now performed on devices for offline users.
  • Universal Health Coverage statistics are available on the contact summary.
  • Task due date is now configurable - this has been done after getting a lot of feedback from the community.
  • Household task landing page to enable CHWs complete tasks in the same household.
  • Stabilization - technology improvement and bug fixes

The Medic team shared the following testimonials about some of the features that have been implemented from various projects:

  • Configuration of supervisor views (supervisor target progress) for BRAC - which allows supervisors to view progress of their health workers towards goals.
  • Universal Health Coverage (UHC) feature by MUSO. Medic in collaboration with MUSO published an article about using UHC feature in Mali to support proactive community case management. 12th Dec 2021 is an International Universal Health Coverage

3. CHT product process and upcoming releases

  • The Medic team has adjusted the product development process so that they are able to get closer/talk to users and the team is always seeking community members to speak with more frequently.
  • There is more focus on outcomes and impact - what matters most for users and opportunities with more impact are prioritized
  • There are 2 lines of development teams (Allies and Care Teams) focussed on different groups of CHT users.

Upcoming releases

Improvements on CHT version 3.14

  • Enketo upgrade - team is working on upgrading the older version of enketo to a newer version which will support more functionalities. This will include having new widgets which can allow a user to select several options like a sliding scale and image button. This will also support position and count function which will enable a user to do advanced repeat calculation in repeat.
  • The team is taking time to test the upgrade to make sure there is no regression on the existing functionalities.
  • Displaying CHT tab labels on small phone screens
  • More stabilization - bug fixes

CHT 4.0 & Arch V3

  • Major release, CHT core will be scaled horizontally and moving from MedicOS to individual docker containers to support scalability.
  • Medic’s product team has been testing various scenarios - testing of scalability on CHT infrastructure.
  • With the release of CHT core 4.0 CHT support for Android version 4.4 will be dropped. Android version 4.4 does not natively support modern encryption standards.

Other upcoming initiatives

  • User management - how the process can be improved.
  • App learnability - how we can make it easier to learn/be trained on CHT or updates.
  • Improve the app building process.

4. Channels for sharing feedback.

Community members can share feedback through these channels:

  • Quarterly app developer survey.

  • Forum posts and interviews with community members. There are ongoing feedback sessions with the product design team aimed at getting feedback from community members on product feature designs.

  • Share experience on various CHT forum categories.