Create a role specialized in user management and nothing else

Good day,

There’s a need for a “support_admin” to manage switching auto created SMS users to credential users, password resets, new additions, and user deletions - without seeing all users across the system and being unable to change system wide configuration.

The issue was first raised as part of another issue in this thread.

@mrjones @diana any further development on this front?

@mrjones just to confirm, this is not a feature that will be facilitated by CHT itself but rather through the separate user management tool: GitHub - medic/cht-user-management ?

Hi Arno!

Thanks for circling back on this topic. Correct! The User Management Tool is where the focus of managing users is being put. There was a recent round up call covering the User Management Tool you cited.

Further @kenn or @Fred are the primary authors of the tool and are available to answer any other questions.

Please note: the tool will require some additional configuration to work with your deployment. Further, it has yet to be used outside of the the Uganda, Kenya and Togo MoH deployments. We would love to assist you in getting it to work for your deployment though!

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Hi @mrjones

Fantastic! Thank you for confirming and providing all of the above details!
I’ll be sure to become more familiar with the tool then reach out to Kenn, Fred and yourself as soon as priority shifts back to this task.
That way I’ll be able to give it, and our conversations, the attention it deserves.

Thank you again, and for being willing to assist with our implementation of the tool!