February 2024 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for your participation and engagement in our February 2024 CHT Round-up. You can access the Round-up call recording here and below are summarized notes from the call.

Agenda 1- CHT user management tool.
Overtime, CHT implementing partners and ministries of health (MOHs) have relied on App Developers and System Administrators to create CHT user accounts. The MOH’s and the implementing partners have faced many challenges with this approach, including delays in creating user accounts especially for large deployments. The MOH Kenya eCHIS team has developed a new user management tool that decentralises user management process to subnational levels to help cater for the growing needs and the new tool can also be used by non technical program leads to create user accounts.

During user management tool presentation, @ejimba, @philip and @Mercy_Amulele demoed the inner workings of the tool. To use the tool, one will need the user credentials to access the tool. The first step is to create the project hierarchy (both places and persons) on CHT. Once a user has accessed the tool they will be able to upload the both community unit and community health workers CSV files in the staging stage, validate and correct any identified errors and if there are no errors the files will be uploaded and one is able to download the user credentials. The tool also supports replacement of existing users, moving of an existing place and it has templates that can be used for bulk user upload. All the code for the tool is available here, community members and partners can try it out and share insights on how the tool can be improved to support more features. Here is the call recording of the user management presentation.

Agenda 2- High Level Product Goals for 2024.
The focus for 2024 is to support CHT implementations and the 6 ministries of health to scale successfully, this will ensure that there is more impact, the caring activities increase from 25m to 38m and the number of CHT users increases from 75k users to 105 users. This year, the different product focused working groups and the community team will be working on the following priorities and features:

a) The Infrastructure team will document the new deployment process so that CHT System Administrators/Developers are able to independently deploy and manage CHT deployments. The team is working on total cost of ownership of running a CHT deployment and will support large scale deployments to reliably run. The team will also focus on infosec and explore if CHT can support up to 25k users.

b) The Ecosystem team is working on improving documentation, dashboards and impact monitoring and ensure that CHT can seamlessly interoperate with other systems existing in the digital health ecosystem.

c) The Community team will work on improving the CHT documentation to ensure that the documentation works for diverse community members, create governance and accountability structures for the CHT community, improve community engagements and contributions to the CHT and support the MOHs and community members to independently build and own CHT deployments.

d) The Allies team will focus on cybersecurity, documentation, reducing total cost of ownership so that CHT is at par with other systems to encourage more MOH’s to adopt CHT and support App Developers to innovate without CHT core changes and make it easier for partners to upgrade the CHT apps.

e) The Care team high level goals for 2024 are making sure that CHWs are satisfied with the CHT performance and enhancing CHT to ensure supervisors can keep CHWs highly engaged, ensure that tech issues that CHWs experience are resolved quickly and CHWs have confidence in the security of apps.

We look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up call (on March 14, 2024).