Community Health Toolkit

COVID-19 Testing with Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Medic has just released a new reference application! It is hoped that technical partners will be able to use the COVID-19 Testing reference app to more quickly deploy updates to their existing CHT configurations. With the spread of COVID-19 continuing, and now accelerated by the Delta variant, the goal of this reference app is to have partners spend less time learning how to configure the CHT and more time having health workers easily testing for COVID-19.

Be sure to reference Medic’s existing resources on COVID-19 which can further reduce development time on COVID-19 based deployments.

This reference app leverages two recent releases: CHT Core 3.13 and CHT Android 0.10.0. You will need both of these newer versions to use the reference app.

Special thanks to FIND who sponsored the 100% open source work on these new features and the reference app.