Configuring list item view

Is it possible to configure the view of a list item? At the moment, the list views seem to display only the name of the saved record. While I can understand that this is to reduce clutter, especially on smaller screens, I was wondering if there are any built-in ways to perhaps tweak what’s displayed just a little.

Our use case is as follows:

  1. A person at risk, or with certain ailments, should be prioritized above other household inhabitants.
  2. If a person has been flagged as being deceased, essentially requiring a higher-up to capture a death report, they should be displayed differently.
  3. If a person has recently been screened, we want to show that they’ve been sorted out at a glance, rather than having to drill down.

Each of the above can be done with an icon or perhaps a text color change.

What properties does the list item builder expose that one can tap into?

Unfortunately, the customization of most list items is pretty limited at this point. I think a lot of your thoughts and use-cases are related to this previous thread: More patient data messages and people tab (which also contains an overall summary of what customizations the CHT does support).

From a general workflow perspective, I think a typical approach to handing #1 and #2 is via tasks (which do have some limited customization and prioritization).

I have not done any tinkering with this, but regarding #3, I wonder if it might be possible to leverage the UHC Mode. In theory, that could show who was screened. (I think the main issue with this would be that it is currently hardcoded to a monthly interval (so it only cares about visits in the last month), which might not fit with your usecase.)