More patient data messages and people tab

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There are some design requirements we are seeking to adopt in the messages, tasks and peoples tabs as below by adding more patient data …

eg adding first_name and last_name in addition to the information above ie

cc @Nicole_Orlowski @marc

Hi Cliff, each contact has a profile page with a contact summary that is customizable, but that wouldn’t apply to tasks and messages. If you are referring to the display of submitted reports, you can modify the title shown based on values in the report, as seen in Customizing Titles in the Reports List quick guide.

If neither of those covers what you are trying to achieve could you explain a bit more what you are trying to display?

thanks @marc
am looking at something like

Thanks Cliff for the mockups. Are you hoping that the list on the left hand side has the details you mention, or those details would show up on the right side when a message/task/profile is selected?

hello @marc ,sorry for the delayed response.

yes hoping that the list on the left hand side has the details mentioned

Thanks for clarifying! I don’t know of a way to do that now. Worth hearing about more potential uses like this to know if and how it would make sense to make those list items in the left hand side more extensible.

thanks @marc ,

let me loop in @Beth to weigh in more on the use cases for this feature

Thanks @marc - the Medic mock-ups show first and last name of CHWs. We need to add additional identifiers to the client lists in Tasks, Messages, People and Reporting tabs. Right now we only display first name and this is a patient safety issue.

  • Would you support @cliff & I with code/details so we can display first and last names?
  • We would also like to add a “nickname” field from patient summary page

In the Messages tab, we love that a preview of the message shows in left hand side. For the Tasks tab, we are hoping to display a field from each Form that identifies the task (re; instead of the name of the form it would show what the person enters as their own Task Title). Let us know if this is possible.


Thanks Beth for the extra info. There are ways to add info into some but maybe not all of those fields. Looping in @jkuester who might be able to provide some examples and more clarity.

Hello @Beth and @cliff! Regarding the name displayed in the left-hand list on the “People” and “Messages” tabs, that value is hardcoded to always be set to the value of the contact’s name field. It is not configurable. If you need more data to be displayed for the name, I think your best option at this point is to update your contact form configuration to make sure the desired values are set in the name field when saving the contact.

On the “Tasks” tab, there is a bit more configurability. The displayed contact name can we customized via the contactLabel function (by default it will just be the name field for the contact). (e.g. you could use this to build out your full name and/or include the nickname). The task title is set by the title config field (should be the key for the title translation). Unfortunately, I do not believe there is currently any way to include dynamic values from the contact/report context in the title at this time. However, I have seen the priority field for the task used to display dynamic content like this in some configurations (but it will show up on the page colored red).

contactLabel: function (contact) {
    return `${} (${})`;
priority: function (contact, report) {
    return {
        level: 'medium', 
        label: getField(report, 'custom_task_title')

hello @jkuester thanks for the feedback

not sure exactly how this is done in the form config , below is the screenshot of it

is it done via the calculation?

Assuming this screenshot is for a create contact form, there are a couple ways you could go about this. I think the most straightforward would just be to switch things up and make name a calculation as you suggested!

type name label::en calculation
string name_first First Name
string name_last Last Name
calculate name concat(${name_first}, " " , ${name_last})

This way you can include exactly the fields you want in the name calculation.

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yeah thanks @jkuester the calculation concatenating the two fields does capture

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