Configuration Wizard

The configuration wizard will be displayed the first time a user logs in if the user has the can_configure permission and the setup_complete property in app_settings is false. Closing this screen (even without setting anything) updates setup_complete to true and the screen does not show up again (but is still accessible from the hamburger menu).

Step 1 (modem setup) and Step 3 (language preference) correctly updates these settings (both can also be set from the admin app).

@Jennifer_Quesada did a quick scan of the code and couldn’t find any of the selections from Step 2 ( Identify Care Coordinators) and Step 4 (Registration form) being used anywhere. (I imagine it was useful in the DIY days, but less so today)

If steps 1 and 3 are easily accessible from the admin app and steps 2 and 4 don’t do anything, we’d like to remove this screen .

@marc or @gareth, thought maybe you’d have some historical perspective? Or @mrjones @derick from an app dev perspective?


I agree with removing it.

The modem setup name only really makes sense in a DIY context where you may have a SIM card plugged in to the computer, so for a new installation this screen is confusing from step 1. We could change the name but the setting is only needed if you’ll be sending SMS which isn’t the first concern for most projects any more.

It’s the same with the language preference - smartphone users pick their own language when they log in, so this is mostly useful for translating SMS messages.

I did a quick search in over some closed source configs in the medic-projects repo and there were 95 instances of "setup_complete": true so it’s being disabled before it even has a chance to be shown.

Because it’s only shown once per project it’s probably not a major annoyance, but it’s confusing and broken which isn’t a good first run experience!


The removal of the configuration wizard is being tracked in issue medic/cht-core#8190 and is currently in the 4.3.0 milestone.

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