Capture audio with built-in recorder?

Is it possible to record audio in CHT?
The audio widget, regardless of the properties passed in, seemingly remains an upload widget.

As noted in XLSForm Docs, it seems the audio widget supports recording as well as upload:

Unfortunately, Enketo (the library we use for ODK functionality) currently does not support audio recordings. A couple possible workarounds that come to mind are:

  • Make the recordings in an external app. Save them to the device. Then upload them in the form. (Can use type=audio without any appearance which will give you a file selector and then allow for previewing the selected audio in the form.
  • It also might be possible to have a tighter integration with an external recording app via the Android App Launcher whereby you could launch the external recorder from the form and then once the recording is complete it would return to the form and automatically attach the recording. The big challenge here would be finding a recording app that could return the recording via an intent…

Recognizing the difficulty in understanding which ODK features are supported in the CHT, I have logged this docs issue to hopefully make this easier!

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