Are xform "parameters" column values consumed in CHT?

When utilizing the GPS widgets in our contact form, particularly the geopoint question type, we aim to “encourage” users to capture an accurate location without imposing a mandatory constraint. While the question is not obligatory, we kindly request users to invest the necessary time in ensuring the accuracy of the captured location.

This xform documentation suggests such a “warning” of sorts is possible:

We’ve implemented it as such:

However, as one can see, we don’t seem to get any sort of accuracy warning despite being set to 10m:

The parameters column from xlsxforms is consumed in CHT forms (I have confirmed that providing parameters to the range widget does affect the widget as expected).

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the documented parameters for the geopoint widget are not yet supported in the Enketo library that is used by the CHT to interpret ODK forms. Specifically, I would expect to see some reference to warning/capture-accuracy being loaded from this.props in the Enketo geopicker widget code, but I could not find anything. Also, this open Enekto issue might be related…

Once the functionality is supported in Enekto, I would expect it to work in the CHT (when we upgrade to that version of Enketo). So, the best next steps would probably be to either revive that old Enekto issue or log a new one asking for support for those parameters.