You can now officially call us Medic, and other team updates

Hi all, at Medic, we’re excited to share a few big updates with our community!

As of today, Medic Mobile will officially be known as Medic – a simplified brand reflective of our vision for, and role in, creating global health equity as we enter our second decade of work. We’ve refreshed our logo and website, and we’ve also updated our tagline: Building tools for people who care.

You can read more about the shift and story behind it in a new blog post from our interim CEO, @jacqedwards.

Along with this brand progression, our leadership team is evolving as well. On behalf of Medic’s strategy team, I’m thrilled to introduce @Emily_Michael, our Chief Development Officer, who will be leading our philanthropy and strategic communications functions. I’d also like to give a shout-out to @Amanda – whom many of you already know through her years and roles with Medic – who has stepped up as our Chief Programs Officer.

While our look has changed, our work with the CHT community endures. We’ll continue to work together to scale CHT apps and build capacity to ensure that every health worker and every health system is well supported in providing care.

We’re excited for your thoughts and feedback about this next chapter of Medic’s work! Please feel free to share feedback and questions with our team here!


So thrilled to see this evolution of our brand, name, and alignment with our mission!


As am I! I especially love the new tagline, “building tools for people who care.”