YendaNafe CHT app by PIH in Malawi

Since 2017, PIH Malawi and Medic have collaboratively developed the CHT based YendaNafe app, a digital health app for community-based health service provision and coordination. Now, in the spirit of radical collaboration and openness, PIH and Medic have coordinated the release of the full application source code of YendaNafe as first of its kind “Integrated CHT App”, free for all to access and replicate.

An offline-first tool with real time capability, YendaNafe, locally interpreted as “walk with us”, enables faster, better, and more equitable care, in addition to real time data collection and aggregation. The app links CHWs to primary and secondary clinical teams to more effectively screen patients, provide ongoing care, and refer people in communities who require facility-based care. YendaNafe is the result of years of iterative enhancements resulting from numerous user feedback sessions conducted with health workers and programme managers.

The app supports six key areas of functionality:

  1. In-app messaging between supervisors and CHWs
  2. Longitudinal patient profiles for individuals and households
  3. Task and schedule management for CHWs and CHW Supervisors
  4. Evidence-based care guides for decision support
  5. Dashboards for performance management and supportive supervision
  6. OpenMRS integration with YendaNafe to support eTRACE

Developed alongside WHO protocols on care delivery, YendaNafe use cases include antenatal and postnatal care, immunization follow ups, as well as screening, referrals, and follow-ups for: malnutrition, childhood illnesses, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Tuberculosis (TB) and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Key resources on the workflows have also been provided to help the community familiarize themselves with the end-to-end product design and development.

This is a monumental milestone in the digital health space and for the CHT Community. We look forward to learning how you will leverage these resources and welcome your feedback and continued innovation.


Thanks @Chiyembek_Kachimanga and the team for the monumental milestone ,
is the application source code of YendaNafe available publically now ?

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@cliff The source code is available here GitHub - medic/cht-pih-malawi-app: Open source CHT application for PIH Malawi


Thanks @elijah :+1: ,

The YendaNafe Ref app documentation is now live!