XLSForm Calculation and referencing prior data

Dear Community

Currently we are trying to build our own forms for our algorithm and have some questions concerning the calculation columns as well as referencing next forms or referencing prior information of an patient or of a user.

I saw that to in the calculation column, sometimes within the file, data is reference using ${}, sometimes it is reference with …/…/ and sometimes it is just reference with …/ .
How do I decide when i should use what?

Another question that I have is, how or what i have to do to generally get information and data of prior events, like for example the values that are marked yellow here:

Last but not least → How am i able, to refer to another form, that should be performed? Lets say, i create a new health facility and then select “Create new person” in the same facility creation process. Then what i would like to do, is to just reference person-create.xlsx an not to copy paste basically the whole thing within health-center-create.xlsx. Do you know what i mean?

Dear community

In the meanwhile i figured out, that we can either reference data by using ${} or reference it with …/…/ and it is just a matter of taste.
Also referencing data from one form to another works, if we are using tasks and stay in the same workflow.

The last part: It is not possible to have one form and then jump right into the next form. For that, we would need to have one huge form with all the alternative or live with the fact, that the user just has to open the next task.

What still remains open and what i have not figured out so far is, how I can add “dynamically” new attritbutes to the a patient.

Lets say, i create a new patient and then during an assessment i measure his weight. It would be preferable to add this way to his properties. So specifically, if i could then just use the “input” group with the “contact” group in another form and get the weight there.

Is that even possible? And if yes, how do I have to do that?

I figured out that they could update the contact information by using transitions.
How am I able to write my own transitions and push that to the container that is using the medicmobile/medic-os:cht-3.9.0-rc.2 image that i upgraded to cht-3.13.0?

Thank you very much in advance for your support

Hi @uensal

Currently, I don’t think there’s any way that a report form would be able to edit an existing doc (be it a contact or something else). You’re correct about using transitions to edit contacts (this is what death_reporting transition does, for example), however adding new transitions isn’t possible with configuration and there’s no transition that can be configured to edit contacts.

In my opinion, this would be a useful feature to have.

To write your own transitions, you’d need to to develop them yourself (existent transitions are here: cht-core/shared-libs/transitions/src/transitions at master · medic/cht-core · GitHub).