WHO Reference App?

Death reporting is a particular challenge in many areas, and verbal autopsies can be a way to fill some of the gaps. The WHO has designed instruments for deploying such, but did you know they also made an xlsx for ODK based deployments? This tool is available for download on the website.


A bit of digging around showed that they had created other ODK -based forms as well, such as this form for HIV risk factor interviews:


I thought these could be either drop-in tools to use, or even good starting points for customization. Also, since the WHO has created several mobile tools like this, I was thinking that this could be interesting as the start of a WHO reference app? Would love your thoughts!


This is such an interesting idea! Do you see this focusing on death reporting in particular?

The workflow that the WHO has created there is specifically for death reporting. But death reporting is super important because it’s incredibly difficult data to get to begin with.

Death data speaks to some of the major indicators we use to assess progress in public health. We won’t know if we’ve improved child mortality rates if we literally don’t know how many children have died. Understanding causes of death can also help us be more responsive to preventing deaths. If we don’t know what people are dying from, then we can’t act to prevent it.