Which terminology dictionary to use on CHT - OpenMRS interoperability for ANC and PNC workflows?

We are working on interoperability between the CHT and OpenMRS with ANC (antenatal care) and PNC (postnatal care) as the workflows to be implemented in Nepal. This will be based on the FHIR standards leveraging the CHT interoperability reference application that was had the Loss to Follow Up workflow as the POC. The 2 systems will exchange data based on 15 indicators bidirectionally across the 2 systems based on a standard ANC/PNC form.
We are exploring adopting concept dictionaries for this project such as CIEL, SNOMED or a concept dictionary widely adopted in Nepal for scalability purposes.
Has this been done before, which dictionary was adopted?

I will share more details in the upcoming round up calls on the progress of this project.


@Philip_Mwago were you able to figure out the dictionary or we should wait for the community call.