Which days (or months, pre v3.12) should I expect there to be telemetry docs for?

The telemetry documentation says:

The aggregate doc for the previous day is created when the first telemetry item is recorded each day.

If a user does not open the CHT at all on a given day (or month, pre v3.12.0), should I assume there will not be a telemetry doc for that day? For example:

Monday: I open the app (but don’t do anything)
Tuesday: I don’t even open the app
Wednesday: I open the app (but don’t do anything)

I assume my Monday aggregate telemetry doc will be created on Wednesday, and there won’t be a Tuesday aggregate telemetry doc. Is that correct?

Hi @michael
This is correct.

One thing:

I open the app (but don’t do anything)

We record telemetry entries on start-up, even if the user does not really interact with the app (like submitting a form, completing a task or anything like that).

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One more question re: metadata that is captured in telemetry.

The documentation says:

When the aggregate doc is created the Telemetry service also includes a snapshot of some metadata.

Based on ^this^ and our dialogue above, this means that on Wednesday when I open the app, the Monday telemetry doc will be written with metadata (deviceInfo, dbInfo, versions, etc…) based on Wednesday, is that correct?

It’s more illustrative if we look at pre 3.12 monthly fidelity. The metadata on your January telemetry doc will be based off of information on the first day you open the app in February, correct?

This is correct. That data is not stored anywhere up until that point.

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