Where to find information submitted in the "Report Bug" screen

The CHT allows users to report issues from within their app. These are recorded as a feedback doc in the user’s medic-user-{username}-meta database. To distinguish this user reported issue from other feedback docs, you can filter for docs where the source is manual. If you are replicating data to PostgreSQL, you can use the SQL provided below to review these docs or build a dashboard to display them.

	doc->>'info' AS info,
	doc#>>'{meta,time}' AS time,
	doc#>>'{meta,user,name}' AS username,
	doc->>'_id' AS id
	doc->>'type' = 'feedback'
	AND doc#>>'{meta,source}' = 'manual'

hello @michael i have tried to report a bug with a message new bug but when i check in medic-users-meta in the DB am only seeing json payloads with "source": "automatic"

Hi @cliff … Did you try this as an offline user? Are you looking in CouchDB directly or in PostgreSQL?

The docs will first go to the medic-user-{username}-meta database, and once you sync with the server, they get replicated to the medic-users-meta database.

Have you also checked the specific medic-user-{username}-meta database?

hello @michael
i am accessing couch DB directly as an admin because for offline i cant access the DB …

I logged in again as a offline user , synced the reports and logged in again as an admin, but when i check medic-user-{username}-meta and medic-users-meta databases am only seeing source : automatic docs

To eliminate variables, please try to just log in as an admin and then “Report a bug”. Then try to find the feedback doc in medic-user-{username}-meta. Here’s a demo:

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thanks @michael , :+1:

i found it under medic-user-medic-meta document

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