When should I move contacts via medic-conf and when can I use contact forms?

When I move a contact via the move-contacts action in medic-conf, it requires a system admin to do the action. And there are some operational implications - for example, it updates a lot of the contact’s associated documents resulting in large synchronisations.

The default forms in the ANC Reference App also allow for the moving of a contact from one place in the hierarchy to a new place (see screenshot below). This is nice because a user can self-service this change without a system admin. However, this method seems to have a different result for the data – just the hierarchy of the contact document changes without updating the associated documents.

When should contacts be moved using medic-conf and when should they be moved using a contact form? Is there any downside to using the approach in the contact forms of the ANC Reference Apps?

Screenshot from 2020-08-18 11-57-19