Community Health Toolkit

What tiny wins can we have?

A post about Tiny Wins came up recently in a Product team conversation, and it is a worthwhile read about how small improvements can have a big impact on users. One such example for me was using using the keyboard to quickly handle prompts in the app:

With the CHT we’d like to regularly make workflows easier for all types of users, from health workers to those building apps. The release we are currently working on includes several improvements specifically to improve the app builder experience. We also collaborated with Partners In Health recently to conduct UX research sessions directly with users. Those sessions have helped inform UX improvements for upcoming releases that should make it easier for new users to learn to use CHT apps.

The Tiny Wins post also reflects on how these types of improvements don’t come up enough through prioritization and user feedback.

The lesson here is that you can’t trust your users to bubble up the small stuff, which as we’ve seen can often be the best stuff to build). This means that you can’t exclusively rely on existing user feedback and tickets. You need to dig deeper.

So, aside from those bigger initiatives, we’d like to regularly include tiny wins too. What are the sticky spots you’ve found frustrating, or for which you end up providing extra support and training? We constantly need fresh eyes to bring new perspective, so sharing your experiences is very valuable to the whole CHT community – and we’ll do our best to address these regularly in upcoming releases.

You can let us know your thoughts by responding to this thread, or submitting an idea on our roadmap!


I love this post and cannot wait to learn more about the tiny wins from our CHT community!