What is instanceID

Hi community,
I’m confused about the meaning of the instanceID, so I need your help.
In docs with doc.type == ‘data_record’ I found a fields.meta.instanceID containing a string with a format like uuid:value
I’ve tried to look for a doc with doc._id == value but such a doc does not exist
what is the uuid in this json key, fields.meta.instanceID ?
could you explain me the meaning of this uuid ?

According to the ODK XForms specification, instanceID is:

  • The unique ID of the record
  • string
  • concatenation of ‘uuid:’ and uuid()

It’s different from the document’s UUID i.e. document._id used by the CHT app.

Hi, Thanks for this answer
so each data submission has an instanceID and once this submissions is in the couchdb the couchdb doc has its doc._id