What data do online users see?

When setting up a user role, there is a tickbox to specify whether or not the role will be “Offline” and underneath it says:

Users with offline access can view and update documents without an internet connection and can only view a portion of the data. Online users can access all documents but must have an internet connection at all times.

Does that mean online users with that role will see all data above and below them in the hierarchy? Just below? Or is there some level of configurability?

Let’s say you have a hierarchy that looks like this…

– Clinic
---- CHW Area
------ Household

…and an online user associated to a contact at the Clinic level.

What should that user be able to see?

I’ve checked out the documentation for Users, .roles, and .replication_depth (though the name doesn’t suggest it would apply to Online users).

Hi @michael

Online users can see every document in the database. Above, below, without limitation.
They are still subject to roles about how the webapp behaves (as long as they are not db admins), but in terms of access to data, there are no limitations.

Is your question rather about what the user “sees” in the webapp?

Thanks @diana … I was particularly interested in understanding what Contacts/Places they would see from the People tab. I was testing this on demo-cht.dev with an online user at the CHW Area level and there were so many households (since it shows households for all CHW Areas) that I “lazily loaded” for like 10 minutes and never reached the bottom so didn’t know what all was going to be shown on the LHS. But then I set up an online user one level above and it was clear what to expect.

On the LHS it showed the place I am associated to and then all the places one level below me. When I searched for something at the same level as me or higher, it showed up in the search results… and when I exported, it exported everything (above, below, and sideways) as well.

Thanks, I know what to expect now.

Hi @michael

On the LHS it showed the place I am associated to and then all the places one level below me.

Correct. Couldn’t have put it better myself :slight_smile:

Also, if the user is not associated to a place, places of the highest level are displayed in the contacts list.

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