Community Health Toolkit

Welcome! Please introduce yourself

I am a OBGYN practising in Nigeria. I am involved in development of mobile applications for prevetion of maternal mortality and morbidity.


Hi all,

My name is Madeleine Ballard and I’m the Executive Director of the Community Health Impact Coalition and an Assistant Professor at the Arnhold Institute for Global Health. In both of these capacities, I work with great teams (including @medicbot!) to catalyze the adoption of high-impact community health systems design.

I am excited to learn from and work with you all on the Community Health Toolkit!


Welcome to the forum @ohanyido! You might be interested in touching base with @fatou from Medic Mobile’s team in Dakar. I think she’d be interested to hear about your work, and she could give an overview of some CHT projects currently happening in West Africa.


Welcome to the CHT forum @Gabriela_LS! I’m on the global health faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle, and I had heard about Liga Inan from Health Alliance International staff who are based here. I don’t know very much about the project though, would be interested to hear if there are particular lessons learned, or challenges/opportunities you’d li9ke to share with the group. People might be interested to hear a post about it in the Implementation category.


Thanks for this information. Appreciated


I look forward to chatting with you about the Medic Mobile work that @isaacholeman mentioned in Senegal.


Hi Everyone, I am Morena Danieli, I am a clinical psychologist working in Italy. In addition to private practice, I collaborate with the Speech and Interactive Signals Lab ( of the University of Trento, Italy, on the design and evaluation of personal health care agents. While at present most of my work is in mental health care, I devoted several years of professional efforts working in the research on conversational (spoken) dialogue systems. I really welcome this community health toolkit initiative. Thanks


I am Dr Amit Saini a Dentist and Head of a Non-Profit working in the field of Oral Health in Nawanshahr, Punjab-India for the past 6 years. As Head of a Non-Profit working in the field of Oral Health in Punjab-India, I am also in touch with Heads of International / National Organisations in the Healthcare & Development Sector working in India and globally.

Lately, I have been lately coordinating the various Interventions in Healthcare, Education and Agriculture Sectors by Organizations
and Foundations for the State of Punjab in INDIA since July 2019.

I am a passionate Public Health Interventionist. I look forward to INGOs that can create an Impact in the Healthcare Sector especially in the Developing countries.

I have prepared a PPT of DIGITAL HEALTH for UHC. It contains 21 Digital Diagnostics with AI and 7 Point-of-Care Diagnostics. These all are CE MARK and FDA Certified.


Hi everyone, I’m Ray Brunsting, Chief Technology Officer at the Tula Foundation, based in Canada. We have a sister organization in Guatemala, TulaSalud, that I help design, develop, deploy and support an MNCH solution similar to others based on CHT. Kawok is currently used across 6 rural health areas by >4,000 users, mostly auxiliary/field nurses.

I’ve met several people associated with Medic Mobile at various events over the years. I appreciate what you’ve being doing, and am happy to keep following along and possibly work with CHT in the future.

As others on this forum think about more then myself, I often wonder how we can improve how we collectively develop global technical solutions capable of meeting local needs, reducing custom work and duplication while increasing quality and effectiveness over time.

Keep up the great work!


@ohanyido Bienvenue sur notre forum!! je serai ravie de vous rencontrer pour vous présenter le CHT et le travail de Medic dans la sous-région. Serez-vous disponible jeudi 10 Octobre à 15h pour une rencontre à Dakar dans nos locaux ou dans les vôtres?

Bien cordialement


@ Fatou Salutations à vous! sur notre forum! Ce sera un plaisir de vous rencontrer pour discuter du travail du CHT. J’ai bien peur que le 10 octobre ne soit pas possible. Ma probabilité d’être à Dakar sera fin octobre ou début novembre. Nous n’avons actuellement pas de bureau à Dakar.

Cependant, nous pouvons avoir un appel initial sur Skype, Zoom ou Whatsapp pour discuter du travail.




avec plaisir pour un appel!! On peut toujours garder ce créneau pour l’appel ou sinon proposez moi un autre dans la journée de jeudi ou vendredi.

Très cordialement


Hello CHT community!

I am Britnee Powell, People Operations Manager, at Medic Mobile. As a member of the CHT Forum, I am most interested in being a part of and observing the teamwork, communication, and sharing of ideas that take place in this online world that we will all build together! Happy to be here. :slight_smile:


I am Ann Burgess, Editorial Advisor to the South Sudan Medical Journal. I am joining the group in order to keep up with developments in this field, and so be able to share relevant ones with our readers.


Hi everyone!

My name is Shreya Bhatt, and I am the Asia Regional Director at Medic Mobile.

I believe health is a human right and that all communities should have access to equitable, dignified, affordable and quality care.

I’m based in Mumbai, India when I’m not traveling to spend time with teammates and users in our regional hubs or interacting with partners and peers in our wider community globally.

I’m excited to be part of this growing community, and look forward to learning from each other as we collectively strive to advance good health and human flourishing!


Hi everyone!

I’m Gareth Bowen, Director of Technology at Medic Mobile.

I’m passionate about improving global health and look forward to engaging with you all so we can make that happen.

I’m based in New Zealand and have been with Medic for five years.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideas, issues, or questions so we can make CHT a great tool for delivering community health.


Hello CHTers!

I’m Michael Kohn, Product Owner at Medic Mobile. I’ve been with the team for about 3.5 years and am based in San Francisco, but spend a lot of time in our regional offices. I love talking about data, analytics, and all things interoperability. Outside of work you can find me on a bicycle, at a jazz concert, or tangled up in some new yoga posture.


Hi all!

I’m Stefan du Fresne, Engineering Manager at Medic Mobile. Originally from New Zealand, I now live in London UK, and have worked with Medic for the past 4 years.

I’m really excited to be working with you all to improve global health. I’m looking forward to lots of great collaborative discussions, and working with all of you to build the best collection of tools possible to help solve these critical and important problems.


Hello friends! I’m Max Dizard, Product Manager at Medic Mobile. I’m excited to be working with you to build a new model of primary healthcare that is inclusive of everyone. I believe digital health is fundamentally about using technology to do a few things really well:

  • Reach people where they are to make getting care easy and elegant;
  • Project manage health problems and solutions from beginning to end; and
  • Provide decision support by delivering quality health information to patients and providers at the right time.

My motivation is to work with smart people to build, launch, grow, and invest in products that have tangible impact on people’s quality of life. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss CHT or health tech more broadly.


Hi everyone! I’m Maria Ma, Impact Specialist/ data analyst at Medic Mobile. I’m based in California and did my MPH in Infectious Disease. I’m super interested in how we can advance global health in ethical and equitable ways.

Definitely feel free to message me with any questions about analytics and data visualizations, and I can try to help how I can!