Want to attend MozFest? Medic Labs will sponsor your ticket

Hey Community,

Many of us in the CHT community are supporters of Mozilla and users of their products, like Firefox, Pocket, and the Mozilla VPN service. Mozilla is like the CHT community in that they’re not just building open source technologies, they’re also putting people before profit and fighting for an open internet that works for everyone. I’ve been following their recent work on privacy, responsible data and AI closely, and I think it’s so relevant to Medic Labs’ work on data science and precision public health.

Mozilla has a big annual event called MozFest, and this year it’s going to have over 450 interactive sessions! The Mozilla Data Futures Lab Launch is just one of the many events I’m planning to attend.

Registration for this online event is free to the public, though they welcome a suggested donation of 45 euros. I think it would be great to have folks in the CHT community attend and be part of the Mozilla community, and I’d like to encourage that by offering for Medic Labs to pay the suggested donation for the first three people who respond to this post. :sunglasses:

Just let me know in the comments that you’re planning to attend and haven’t already made a donation, and I’ll take care of the rest!


Hello, I am Simon Kihara a software engineer at Visortech Solutions. I have been working with CHT for the past one year. I am planning to attend but haven’t made the donation. Thanks.


Thanks @KiharaSimon, Mozilla donation activated! Also, nice to meet you here, I’ve enjoyed working with your co-worker @vchelule and I’m excited about Visortech’s work :slight_smile: