Using sms and chatbots to improve the patient experience while slashing costs

This article has a good rundown of a few companies that are creating patient focused chat experiences to solve pressing healthcare challenges. In particular, Open Health Networks Patient Experience Management System could be applicable to the next generation of CHT - “enables rapid development of AI-powered chatbots, mobile and voice apps, and includes an enterprise-grade content management system to keep everything updated automatically”


When patients get sick or injured, they often turn to the internet for answers.
And most of the time (some data suggests 70% of cases) they make the wrong decision about how or where to seek treatment. Those mistakes result in a cascade of costs and frustrations for patients and providers alike

Mediktor’s use of AI to triage these patients is fascinating!

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This is a really nice example of using direct to consumer chat bot conversation to monitor, manage, and engage patients at scale. It’s potentially a more proactive way to stay engaged with patients at home throughout a full care cycle. Definitely a platform worth checking out for future product ideas:


Woebot is another great example of how this is being applied in the mental health care tech space.

Because the sad truth is that more than half of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to basic health care. For many more, mental health care is not an option

The use of chatbots in healthcare seems promising.


Well written analysis on the changing landscape of computing due to the rise of services that live in chatbots and voice computing. Not healthcare specific, but definitely gets the wheels spinning on potential health applications :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not hard to see how in a world of On Demand User Interfaces, Conversational Interfaces become extremely relevant. But chatbots are only the first wave of conversational interfaces. The second is Voice, and I see a third as Mixed Reality.

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