Using High priority auto update feature

We are in the middle of upgrading the cht-android version for our users. I came across the “high priority” auto upgrade feature in google MDM which upgrades the app even if the app is in use. If we decided to go with this option, will it have any effect on the data stored in PouchDB?

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@iesmail I haven’t tested this personally but data stored on the device should be safe. There may be a risk of corruption if the app is currently writing to PouchDB at the time it’s shut down - I’m not sure if Google will protect against that.

The main issue I’d expect is with user disruption, for example, if a health worker is halfway through filling out a form when the app immediately closes, then their progress will be lost and they will have to start again. The “high priority” option is a good choice if the android app has a serious bug or vulnerability that is worth disrupting the user for. If it’s just to get new features, or to roll out 1.x prior to upgrade, I would recommend the “Default” timing.


@iesmail - Hi there!

The “google MDM” you’re using, could you give more details on this? I haven’t heard of any CHT deployments using MDM, so I wanted to get more info to see how useful it is.