Upgrading to version v3.13

I am trying to install this https://github.com/medic/cht-core/releases/tag/3.13.0 but docker-compose.yml points to medicmobile/medic-os:cht-3.9.0-rc.2. I also checked docker hub and did not find image for 3.13.0. Do you have Dockerfile for this or at least point me to the registry that has 3.13.0.

Hi @melema - You are correct that the medic-os image on docker hub has not been updated recently. It ships with 3.9.1 and the label for it has version 3.9.0-rc-2. Unfortunately we don’t publish Dockerfiles or images to upgrade. This will change in the near feature though!

Until then, you can follow these steps to update your instance to 3.13 (or 3.14 which was just published last week). Assuming your URL is https://192-168-0-103.my.local-ip.co/:

  1. Login as admin
  2. Go to the Admin menu in the upper right hamburger. You should be on https://192-168-0-103.my.local-ip.co/admin/
  3. Click the “Upgrades” link on the left so you’re on https://192-168-0-103.my.local-ip.co/admin/#/upgrade. At the top of the page it should say Version 3.9.1
  4. Find 3.13.0 from Sep 28, 2021 listed below and click the far right button “Install”
  5. Choose “Confirm” to start the upgrade. The upgrade may take some minutes
  6. Wait for the upgrade to proceed
  7. Click “Reload application” when prompted
  8. It should now say “Version 3.13.0” at the top.

Here’s a screen shot of steps 3 and 4:

Thank you. This really helps.