Updating previously submitted form using SMS

With SMS deployments, we were encountering problems where the same patient was registered for multiple pregnancies or multiple services. It looks like we can use unique and uniquewithin to check and restrict that.

Is it possible within CHT, without using any additional form to update the data created by previous SMS?

For example, let’s assume that 424262 is the patient id in the below example and P is the pregnancy registration form. 6 is the week since LMP.

P 424262 6

This will register a pregnancy for patient id 424262 with lmp date being 6 weeks earlier. If FCHV sends the sms for the same patient with an intention to correct, is it possible in CHT ? If FCHV sends following sms

P 424262 10

Instead of rejecting message or registering a new pregnancy, is it possible to update the previously registered pregnancy to have the LMP 10 weeks ago?