Updating contact information throught the API

Organization: International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH)
Organization Type: Technical
What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature: All

Describe the Feature: As an engineer working with the API, I would like to be able to update contact information so that I can easily update certain bits of information about the contact.

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address: Currently there is no way to update contact information through the API. For instance, if I need to update a client’s phone number from another platform then I’d need to directly write to CouchDB. As far as I can tell, CouchDB does not support partial updates to documents as well. The current solution creates implementation leaks and room for error.

Proposed Solution: Open up a route under the contacts/people resource that allows one to supply some data points about the contact they’d like changed. For example a PUT request to /contacts/:id that accepts a JSON payload with the data points to update. This given that contact’s identifier is supplied.

Do You Have Funding Available: I am not sure what this means.

Do You Have Resources (Designers, Developers, PMs) Available: We can provide an engineer that can look at the problem with technical guidance from you.

Links To Supporting Information / Uploads: N/A