Community Health Toolkit

Upcoming 3.13 UX update: Household tasks page

I’d like to update the community on an upcoming change to the UX in 3.13 where we will be introducing a household tasks page:


  • Once a report is submitted, if the household in which it belongs to has additional tasks, the new household task page will appear
  • If the user clicks on the “X”, they will see a confirmation modal and be able to return to the main task tab
  • If the user clicks on a household task, they will start a new report
  • If the household has no additional tasks after submitting a report, the user returns directly to the task tab

For added context, see our blog post on task management user testing and the original GitHub issue.

Questions, comments and any feedback welcome as always!


This is great! Will improve on-time follow ups and completion of tasks - A plus to service delivery